My blessing in the cleaning lady

So about 3 1/2 years ago I was chilling with my grandparents as usual in the summer before my freshman year. Now let me tell you before this day I was stressing about coming to college. I was ready to embark on the next step in my life as a student, but as a Christian, I had no clue what I was doing. I had never in my life did anything outside of hanging with my 6 friends from school on the weekends and the most fun we had was finding a new thing to attempt to make on Pinterest. So you can conclude that we were very very boring, but we didn’t care.

With all of that said I was scared about getting caught up in everything in college and losing my focus. Maybe not on school, but who I was as a person. God and I had and still have a great relationship but that doubt was sneaking up on me like the Hamburgerler diving in a mountain of overpriced McDonald’s 19 year old patties. I was terrified. I didn’t know what type of people that I would meet and I was scared. And over that week, there was a cloud hanging over me and people started to notice. But of course I didn’t say anything or if someone asked I just made up some lame excuse.

So what I’m saying is that there was no way that anyone could know what I was dealing with. Not even my mom.

While I’m sitting on the couch minding my own and scrolling mindlessly through Instagram, my grandma’s cleaning lady, Ms.Glo looked at me from down the hallway. Now She only comes every 2 weeks to clean my grandparent’s house because my grandma has back problems and can’t really bend the way she used to, so Ms. Glo is a huge help. So it’s safe to say that I don’t see her very often. Now it’s not unusual for her to give random sparks of wisdom and I always thought she was lil crazy (but who isn’t nowadays). But something was very different what she said to me this day. She walked towards me and said “go read Psalms 91” and she walked away.  It was so random and it kind of freaked me out.

Now I know the Bible but you know sometimes you have to flip through it a couple of times to find something. So go to my bible app and read it… and that chapter literally gave me LIFE. I could all of sudden breath again. It was an instant relief and all I could do was cry. My grandparents and my mom looked at me with so much confusion. In that moment God spoke to me so clearly. It was like I told Ms. Glo everything that was going on in my life at that exact moment. It was so crazy. God used my grandmother’s cleaning lady to send me a life-changing message.

To this day Psalms, 91 is my go to chapter. It helps me through anything. Just knowing that God is leading me where I need to go and I don’t have to worry about anything is such a sweet relief. Worrying is not something that is needed in my life and God made that abundantly clear that day. I very thankful for that woman everyday for being a servant to God and being able to give that very needed message to me. I am very blessed and covers by the hand of God. He loves me so much and feel it more and more everyday. I know that I can do absolutely anything with Jesus next to me. God is in control and he has a hilarious way of reminding people of that. So don’t  lose sight of what God has in store for you. And even though it might me scary, He is there through all of it. Don’t let the worries take over you. And remember He loves you!

In 5 months I will be moving to a new place and starting my adult life. Of course, I’m scared, who wouldn’t be. But I’m walking into it with my head high and favor all around me. Bring it on world 🌎, Jesus has my back and my front and everywhere else.





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