Tourist in my Hometown pt. 1

So a couple of weeks ago Macey and I were riding around Monroe and something dawn upon us “We are boring people who don’t try new things” and at that moment we knew that we had to do better.

Every weekend we do the same stuff: go eat at a sandwich place, get Starbucks, and maybe go shopping. And every weekend we “say” that we are going to do something different but we never do. We are about to move off and start our new lives as adults with degrees and there is tons of stuff that we haven’t even tried that’s right here in our own city. So that’s why we deiced to tour Monroe and West Monroe like we were visiting for the first time.

Last week we went to this restaurant that was tucked tightly in corner in a shopping center and it was literally the cutest burger place ever. They are called Braiz’n Bar and Grill. They are all about beer, burgers, and tacos. IMG_8935

I like to think of myself as a burger cynosure and lets just they a pretty darn good burger. But all of their food was good. They have a wide variety of tacos and Tex Mex which was very interesting. Macey got the chicken quesadillas and they looked pretty good. And the restaurant itself was pretty cool. Inside they have a garage door window that they actually roll up on nice days. Unfortunately the day that we went, it was kind of chilly so it was closed. I do plan to go back soon though. The weather is starting to be really perfect lately.


After lunch my friend Allison, wanted to swing by Small Cakes, a Cupcakery because we have never been. So for bakeries, they must be cute and this one has my heart. The set up of the shop was very bright and they had their treats all lined up. I was basic and got the vanilla cupcake but it was anything but basic. It was a vanilla bean cupcake and you can defiantly tell that they were fresh. They also sell specialty ice cream so thats a plus!

For the first time doing this tourist thing, I would say that it went pretty well. I hope to try it again soon and get to share it with y’all. So come along for the adventure!

Until next time…




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