Siana tries Pinterest – DIY Popsicle Shelf

With my new found time and boredom, I had to find ways to decrease my level of laziness. So I find myself often on the #1 time wasting website on the world wide web, Pinterest.

On this week’s episode of Siana’s Pinterest board, I stumbled upon a lovely DIY for a Popsicle Hexagon shelf  from, and I decided to give it a try.

wall 1I just so happen to have some popsicle sticks in my handy dandy craft box and that was perfect. All together it was a pretty easy project once you got past lining up the first layer of sticks.

I used hot glue for this, but really any kind of glue will do just fine. I also used just plain old craft sticks from the Dollar Tree in the teacher section. They come in a pack of  100  but I used about 120 sticks for my shelf.

wall 2 After a few failed attempts, I finally caved and used a hexagon template to line up my sticks evenly. has a template of their own or you can just search and find one online.

It’s easier to start with 3 sticks with glue on them and then add the other 3 sticks on top, and then press firmly. And then you just repeat this process until you reach you desired size of your shelf.

wall 3

Once you finish gluing the sticks together, it’s time to paint! On the original tutorial they used a wood stain to cover the sticks, but I just used what I had already and went stright for the gold paint.

I added about 2 layers of paint, on the outside and inside, and used the blowdryer to dry in between layers. One thing I did think about was adding another color on the inside but for this specific one, I wanted to stick with gold. wall4

Once I finished, it was the perfect size for my catus. And I was PUMPED. It came out great!

Give it a try yourself and let me know how it goes. Leave some feedback and SHARE!




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