Finally! Colourpop Concealers

After months of waiting for them to restock, I finally got my hands on the new Colourpop concealers. I am usually good at buying a new hot topic item on the first go around but for some reason I could not move fast enough for these. The darker shades always went first so that means on fun for me. 


I was able to get 3 shades: 45 Deep Beige, 50 Tan, 55 Deep Tan. On the website, 50 seemed to be my color, but to my surprise the shades were a little lighter in person. But I did soon realize that they do oxidize so my original shade guess was right. 55 is pretty close to my foundation color and 50 is great for a normal highlight. 45 on the other hand works great for a strong highlight for when I’m feeling extra. IMG_0035

The consistency of the concealers is AWESOME. They have great coverage and the best part is that you only need a little bit. The first time I used one, I kinda went overboard and put too much on, but because they are easy to blend out it wasn’t that bad. So overall I give the concealers a 4 stars out of 5. Why you ask?

Well number one I love Colourpop products and this just adds to their already successful line up. These are easily a cult fave but the oxidization can be a little tricky. So make sure to all swatches before you buy or just buy several colors. Priced at $6 you can easily be caught getting more than one like I did.  Let me know how you feel about these!

Until next time…


Siana 💜


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