4 Ways to get your Life together before 2018

Its October and that means 2 things: Christmas is right around the corner and most people will be dropping their diets for pumpkin spice everything. With that being said, I know I need to get my life in order before this year is over with. So I came up with a few tips on how to take advantage of every second left in 2017.

1. Take back your mornings

Attempt to wake up earlier and do things that you plan to do during the day that you never get to. This will help you feel more productive throughout your day. Maybe work out, clean up, or even plan dinner for that evening. Try reading or writing first thing in the morning to kick start your brain. I know it helps me feel relaxed and ready to take on the day. Plus you will be able to sneak in an extra cup of coffee while you are getting ready I the morning.

2. Be aware of what you are eating

I know for me Holiday season is a time for me to eat everything in sight and not care about it because it’s the holidays.  But this year try to trade your daily Dr. Pepper for a water and Halloween candy for an apple. Making smarter choices will help you in the long run because when January arrives with diet season it will be easier to eat healthily.

3. Go out and find something new in your city

There is always a new restaurant or something opening up or even an event. Go out it give one a try. You never know what you will discover around your city and you might even meet some really cool people. Whether it’s an art gallery or even a local band performing, anything beats staying at home and doing nothing.

4. Try a different way to organize

Rearrange some things in your house. Soon you will have to bring in all the decorations out of storage anyway, so go ahead and get a head start. Plus moving stuff around and organizing will help brighten your mood. Even give your planner a facelift. Buy some stickers and pens to help color coordinate your events.


I hope these tips gave you some ideas on how to leave 2017 with a BANG.  Do you have anything to add? Please feel free to share in the comments!


Until next time…




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