About Siana


Hi I’m Siana. A college student who absolutely loves life. I am in the process of finding who I am, and what I want to do for the rest of my life. On an average day you can find me either doing makeup,trying to solve the world’s problems with my crew on my apartment living room, cooking some new found recipe on Pinterest, or even crocheting myself a new scarf because I don’t want to buy one from the local shopping establishment. In fewer words, you can find me being Siana.

Siana can be described as a very “weird” person, and I love everything about that. If you aren’t weird, how you living?

I am very thankful for the things that I have experienced in my life and can say all of them, the good and the bad, helped mold me ( Along with JESUS) into the person that I am . I have 2 brothers one older who would have been 32 in February (this will be a story on its own so just wait on it) and a little brother who’s 13 and is about 5’11” barefoot. We were raised by a single mother along side of two awesome grandparents. Some would argue that they drive each other crazy, but after 53 years they have seem to disguise it well LOL. I love all of them dearly and let me say there is never a boring day with them.

My friends? Oh yeah they are awesome. But if I sit here and try to tell you everything that makes them that way, well we might be here a minute. But no worries, one day I will tell you of their awesomeness. Just know that they are awesome.

I’m 22 years old and I figured out one of the greatest things in life, which a lot of people take several years to realize, and that is that life can be pretty boring if you don’t have awesome people to join you along for the ride. My family and friends are my greatest possession in life. Without them I’m pretty sure that I would have croaked a long time ago.

Besides all of the awesome people that me great, just being Siana makes me great too. Its more of a team effort. SO here are some random facts about me:

I LOVE JESUS. I danced for about 14 years and quit so I could powerlift. LOL. Thats pretty darn funny if you really think about it. I LOVE makeup, like really LOVE it. Collecting it and slaying the world with a beat face from time to time. I hate reading but I still have to (for school at least). I love my dog Prince, he’s a small pup, and we aren’t really sure what kind he is exactly. I have a serious collection of coffee mugs and I love coffee and my purple Keurig. OH yeah purple is my favorite color. BEYONCE is BAE. I can’t travel without my dirty white chucks and my camera. I’m in a very intimate relationship with music. My roommate is the grits to my bacon. Princess Tiana is my spirit animal. And I truly believe with my entire existence that Disney World is the GOAT (Greatest of all time).

So I hope that this gives you a better understanding of who I am and until next time…Stay golden and you better SLAY.